Sunday, October 12, 2008

a perfect day for a picnic

Today we were fortunate to have Elizabeth, Katherine and Matthew Mackey attend church with us. Following we all made a wardrobe switch and headed off for adventure. Our first stop was Fairfax Hospital to see the historic location where Matthew Mackey was born. We then drove in and met Kimball for an incredible picnic at the Iwo Jima Memorial... followed by a heroic effort of races and general fun. I am proud to say that Kimball and I won the wheel barrow race and I must say, he gets extra points for not complaining when partners were chosen and he ended up with the old aunt! We returned home and ate caramel drizzled apples with whipped cream and toasted peacans and played games. A memorable time to realize again what a blessing family association is. We missed Jay who had taken an early flight to Arizona for a week of work.

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katherine said...

This was such a fun day! Thank you so much for making our trip to DC so special. I am looking forward to more wheelbarrow races and spa nights when I am there for Thanksgiving.