Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day 3.14

Today we celebrated pi day with shepherd's pie and apple pie. YUM! I snapped a couple of pics with my phone... I love the leaf crust on the apple! Leaves are beginning to pop out all around here in Virginia. I spent the afternoon printing (and will soon reprint after discovering a little typo after completing the project). Then watching Emily ice skate -delightful... grabbed a chance to read between being wowed by her grace on the ice. I am rereading the Kite Runner. I loved it the first time although it is so sad in parts. Matthew is going to read it for his English class and I wanted to be ready to share the experience of this book with him. Tonight Jay worked on a hanging light over the press -so exciting!!! Hooray for pi day!


Melanie said...

beautiful pie! love the leaves

Megs said...

yummy! I want a slice! glad you had a good pi day :)