Thursday, April 19, 2012

A get-a-way to Williamsburg with Emmy!

An early morning departure put us right on time to meet up with the other 4th graders and parents from Emily's school. Here we are at the fountain at Jamestown, our meeting spot. The tour of Jamestown was fabulous, I recommend it!

Emily got to demonstrate removing the hair from a hide using a shell as a tool.

She also got to model what a 12 year old Powatan Indian girl would wear (minus her own clothing). The class was surprised to lean that at their age they would wear nothing and when it was cold their parents would rub them down with bear fat for added warmth.

Our group worked together to load one of the barrels on to the ship, The Constant.

Emily, looking cool aboard the ship. It was amazing to tour.

Still aboard the ship, looking out to the point above Emily's head where the actual Jamestown existed, the original site is still being excavated.

Inside a burned out canoe. We got to see one of the canoes in the process of being burned out and the kids had a chance to scrape out some of the charcoal with a shell... very cool!

Inside the Chapel in Jamestown. This is where Pocahantas was baptized and married John Rolfe.

Inside of the Jamestown Fort the buildings look they are straight from England.

The group at the end of our Jamestown tour... now off to Yorktown!

At Yorktown we toured a colonial farm, take note of the Turkey behind Em.

A colonial farm kitchen.

The cherry blossoms were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

We got to watch them shoot a cannon. It was so loud!

We visited the camp of the colonial soldiers.

The gang at the end of our Yorktown tour.

After an afternoon at Yorktown we were beat and at maximum capacity for historical information. The group disbanded and we drove to our hotel which turned out to be lovely and swam the evening away. We snagged the last reservation for dinner at an authentic tavern in Historical Williamsburg and were serenaded by a great colonial musician. When we returned to the hotel we were officially tired and slept so well.

Saturday morning we arrived at Busch Gardens for opening day! Emily loves Busch Gardens so this was a dream-come-true for her. Upon arrival we discovered that her recent growth had put her over the mark to allow her to ride on every ride at the park! It began to drizzle so we purchased our blue Busch Gardens rain ponchos and had a great time. The rain kept the crowds away and so we loved having no long lines. We rode the Griffin 5 times! 

We enjoyed seeing the animals, we watched wolves do tricks, the pet shenanigans show, different kinds of owls and this lovely hawk! We also loved watching those Irish dancers!

It was a day I will always treasure. When we were getting off the Griffin and I was feeling a little woosey, Emily looked at me and said "this is pure joy" and that woosey feeling left me quickly and we went on another ride. Being a mom is the best!
We love you Busch Gardens... hope to see you soon! Thanks Emily for a great get-a-way together.

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